Andrew Wong is from Burlington, Ontario is currently studying a Joint Honours in Geography, Environmental Management with Biology, and Environmental Economics at the University of Waterloo. Andrew is a passionate defender of the environment and wants to improve the future for the planet and its people. In 2007, Andrew founded the Nelson Greenhouse Horticulture Society, a high school program that educates students about horticulture and immerses them in greenhouse management operations. Andrew has also worked with Earth day Canada on corporate conservation practices, volunteered with the BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association on species restoration, and was Vice-Chair of TEDxUWO featuring notable speakers such as Wade Davis and Ray Zahab. Andrew is honoured to be the recipient of the 2010 Toyota Earth Day National Award, the 2011 ECO Canada Award, and the 2011 Canada's Next Green Journalist by Environmental Defence. In his spare time, he enjoys getting outdoors for nature photography and enjoys playing the piano, painting wildlife, and tries to inspire others to care about the planet.

Andrew went on an expedition to the Canadian Arctic in 2010 with Students on Ice, an experience which instilled in him a deeper understanding of the environment and brought a new sense of urgency to protect the polar regions. Andrew founded and led the Students on Ice Alumni Delegation to the United Nations Rio+20 Earth Summit in June 2012 to start a global conversation about the major sustainability challenges facing the polar regions. He continues to lead the Students on Ice Alumni Delegation post Rio.

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